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Welcome to the Connections 2019 Game Lab form! Connections 2019 will occur at the Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, PA from August 13-16, 2019.

The Game Lab provides an opportunity for small group discussions of specific gaming-related issues among Connections attendees. Questions are submitted by participants and attendees have the option to join whatever table's conversation they like. The Game Lab fosters conversations across experience levels and backgrounds, resulting in some of the most focused exchanges of the conference. Questions relate to game design challenges, both topical and methodological, and the participants who submit questions then lead the subsequent conversations. These questions will ideally focus on a contextualized discussion of a methodological challenge.

There will be multiple rounds of questions and discussions within this year's Game Lab. While there will remain the opportunity for some additional questions to be raised by attendees at the conference, an initial slate of topics and questions will be developed from the responses to the sheet.

Some similar topics may be paired together and/or their scope broadened to better focus discussions. Depending on the scope of the topic/question, there may be a single or multiple game lab session of 30-60 mins allocated to it. Finally, there is a limited time available for Game Lab so all topics may not be able to be included.

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Please describe your question for discussion at Game Lab. An example could be "How would you design a game for training members of the acquisition workforce to consider technology risks?" or "What format would be best to use for a game that will inform decision makers on the effects of different investment strategies in human resources?" Any additional information on the context this question comes from, game objectives, and/or game constraints are welcome as they will help Game Lab staff develop a better understanding of the range of topics.
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Each small group that is formed to discuss a question/topic will have a facilitator to keep the conversation related to the broad topic, ensure all participants have the chance to contribute, and to report back to Game Lab staff on the progress and outcomes of the small group.
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