Oak Hill Collaborative Room Reservation Form
Use this form to place a reservation in advance to be added to the Oak Hill Collaborative calendar. Events during business hours of 9am-5pm must be approved by executive director (at oakhillcollaborative@gmail.com). Requests must be put in 48 hours in advance. Requests can only be made for the active month. Not all request will be approved.
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1.) Which room will you be in? *
2.) Why are you reserving this room? *
3.) How many people will be attending? *
4.) Is this reservation for an organization/business? *
5.) If the previous answer was "Yes", what is your organization/business?
6.) Point of Contact - Name *
7.) Point of Contact - Email *
8.) Point of Contact - Phone
9.) What day are you reserving? *
10.) What time are you reserving? *
11.) How long will this last? *
If you choose 4+ hours or more, we will be required to ask why via follow-up email
12.) Multiple Days? Multiple Times? Please explain if so (put N/A otherwise) *
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