Julie Hall: Pre-Orders for PennedCon 2018
I'm so excited to be an attending author at Penned Con St. Louis this fall! One of my favorite thing is to talk to reader and share our love of books!

Please fill out this form to reserve your signed paperback(s) for this event. It will GUARANTEE that you will receive a paperback from me along with an exclusive piece of SWAG only available to people who pre-purchase. Please remember that I will have a LIMITED number of non-reserved books with me at the signing.

As new books are published through the year, they will be added here as well!

Invoices will be sent before the event and must be prepaid upon receipt of the invoice. You can find out more about me and my books at: www.JulieHallAuthor.com

Which books would you like to pre-order?
Cute magnetic character bookmarks! Price: 1 = $3, 5 = $12, Set = $20
Woman's Tank Top (from Huntress) - $20
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