Green Office Certification Primary Contact Survey
This form is to be completed by the primary contact from the office being certified.
What office do you work in? *
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Appliances/electronics purchased by the office are Energy Star rated *
check appliances for the Energy Star logo, shown below
Procurement staff follows the UC Sustainable Practices guidelines *
The office purchases from UCSD Surplus Sales *
The office utilizes the UCSD Marketplace tools to explore and employ green purchasing options *
Paper most purchased for the office is (Check all that apply) *
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC); Post-Consumer Wastepaper (PCW)
Paper towels/napkins purchased for the office contain *
Rechargeable batteries are purchased instead of disposable batteries *
Office has a sustainability team or staff member devoted to green initiatives in the department *
Do you know of any possible offices that would like to participate in the GOC program? *
Please provide the email and name of the contact(s)
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The office utilizes high efficiency toners *
The toner cartridge states that it is high efficiency/high yield
The office refills or recycles ink/toner cartridges *
The office participates in Terracycle Writing Instrument Brigade Program *
The office recycles all batteries and electronics *
Office uses reusable inter-office envelopes rather than conventional envelopes *
Envelopes will be provided on request through Mail Services.
Styrofoam is never purchased for kitchen supplies *
Is disposable kitchen-ware purchased? *
Is reusable kitchen-ware available? *
Coffee, tea, and sugar purchased are Fair Trade Certified *
i.e. For meetings, luncheons, events, etc; UCSD Fair Trade Policy:
Food purchased for the office is organic or local *
i.e. For meetings, luncheons, events, etc.
Does the office provide a filtered water location/station to refill reusable water bottles *
Up to 5 points can be awarded to an office that has made a change that was not mentioned in this calculator that promotes sustainability. The office needs to describe this effort below to be awarded these points. An office can also get these points if they feel they have gone above and beyond in a certain category and deserves more points. *
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