Many hands - WFS Summer Camp 2019 booking form
Every person attending must complete (or have this completed for them). Please put parent/guardians contact details if none exist (e.g. email address).

By filling in this form you are consenting (if under 18 the parent/guardian is) to attending camp and taking part in activities and agree to the Woodcraft Leaders acting on my behalf in the event of an emergency, including administering first aid, or taking to hospital.

Strictly confidential - these details will only be available to designated leaders and first aiders.
All adults attending must be a full member of Woodcraft Folk and have a PVG disclosure certificate through Woodcraft Folk
This information will be kept, stored and later destroyed in accordance with our data protection policy found at

If you’ve a query about your data or wish to report a misuse of your data please contact

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the age group of the person not the group you are involved in. Adults take note!!
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Anything else
If you would like to add anything such as activities you would like to do, activities you can help out with, or equipment you can bring etc. please add below. Remembering the camp theme - many hands :-)
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