Patternsfrom Agency - Design brief
Let us pitch you our skills! Please specify your needs, and we will design you a pattern of your needs!
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1. Wished delivery date for the final, production-ready pattern? *
It takes one week for us to send you the first pitch to your definitions.
2. What is the use of the pattern? *
Curtains, wallpapers, stationary... You name it!
3. What is the wished repeat size of the pattern? *
Please specify in height x width in centimeters
4. What is the direction of the pattern? *
5. Which printing method will be used in production? *
6. How many colors should be used ? *
White, the background color, excluded.
7. Which color scheme should be used? *
Please specify Pantone code(s) or similar, if any.
8. Wished theme for the pattern? *
Knowing the target group and/or end use helps the design process.
9. Wished shapes for the pattern? *
Looking for florals, lines, abstract, junior...?
10. Other wishes for the pattern? *
We are happy to receive any links or attachments related to this creative pitch. *
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Thank you for the request for the creative pitch.
We will get back to you shortly.
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