PMP 2023 - People's Choice
Welcome to the 2023 Photography in Medical Physics (PMP) competition! Here you can vote for the "People's Choice" award. Voting will close 4 Nov 2023.
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Part 2:  Voting for Public PMP 2023 - The finalist images are here 
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Do you have any feedback, comments or ideas for next year's competition? Please share here!
If you are interested in the PMP 2024 calendar featuring images from this competition be sure to stop by the ACPSEM booth during EPSM 2023 in Christchurch or send a friend to pick one up for you. 

The price remains unchanged from last time (unbelievable, isn't it?), and all funds collected will go to a good cause, thanks to our sponsor who paid for the printing.   But hurry, we only printed a limited number and when they are gone, there will be no more. 

All participants who contributed a photo to the PMP competition receive a free calendar. Please see the friendly staff at the ACPSEM booth in Christchurch. 
We appreciate the generous support from DTect Innovations.
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