e-Assessment Association Membership Communications Survey
The e-Assessment Association is growing, and therefore it is a good time to check how we communicate with our members. Please help us by completing the following survey:
How long have you been a member of the eAA?
How often do you engage with the eAA via the following:
Main Website
Awards Website
Email Newsletters
How could we improve the way we communicate with you?
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What information do you find the most useful from the eAA?
What e-Assessment related topics are of most interest to you?
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Please list one or more things we could do to enhance the value of being a member of the eAA?
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Would you welcome eAA updates from any of the following social media and communication platforms?
Finally, please tell us about any association that does a fantastic job of communicating with its members and why...
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We may have more questions for you following your response. If you would be happy to be contacted then please provide an email address:
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