Las Cruces Check Challenge
Dear Fellow Cruceños,

Conversations in many of our homes around the current pandemic are multifaceted. We understand the devastation it is bringing, and we’re mourning for time lost with loved ones or in community with the people we value. But our privilege is also amplified, showing us in stark tones what we claim so easily - staying home, staying safe, getting the food and supplies we need, enjoying comfort in the midst of discomfort. If this resonates with you, then you know it has also given you time to reflect on what you have, what you take for granted, and what you want to change about your world.

This blessing of clarity is something we shouldn’t take for granted, because it is illuminating silver linings offered to us in the midst of this crisis. Many of us who live along the border have experienced the frustration of watching migrant families struggle to leave the unimaginable situations in their home countries and come to the United States with the hope of a new start only to be met with a broken immigration system, a hostile political climate, and few supports available to them. How many of us in Las Cruces have watched this over the years while feeling helpless? We want to do what we can, but the hustle of everyday life and an uncertainty about how to best contribute may have sidetracked us. One potential opportunity is in the form of the stimulus checks scheduled to come to individuals and couples in the coming weeks. Many of us have been holding a mirror to our lives in this time of isolation and know that we’re not the ones who need this economic boost. We are the ones who need to be offering a helping hand to people who are truly in need.

Fortunately, this is something we CAN do. We have the power to reach out in spite of the mandate to stay apart. We can share all or a portion of the stimulus checks we receive with a family who has chosen the discomfort of immigrating to our country for a chance, for a new start, for the hope of something better.

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