Musings - Odyssey'17

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Whether putting quill in ink, pen to paper or hands on a keyboard, the mark of a good writer is capturing the reader's attention. Hence compete with fellow literary enthusiasts for popularity at Odyssey's online event Musings!

Musings is a consortium of online literary events organized by the LitSoc of IIIT Delhi.

Prizes: There will be a cash prize of at least Rs 1,000 for each subevent winner. Winners will also feature on our website!

Events are as following:
Haiku - Write a three line verse with 5,7,5 syllables respectively.
Arz Kiya Hai - Write a shayari in at most 100 words.
End To My Beginning - Complete a given piece within 200 words. Make it a story, poem or anything you want!
Twist a Tale - Write a story in just 25 words.
Dead Poet's Society - Write a poem in 200 words.

Event pages are as follows:
Twist A Tale:
Dead Poet's Society:
Arz Kiya Hai:
End To My Beginning:

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