Jubilee: Equip Online Course
Online registration for the upcoming Equip course running through August 2020 for Jubilee Community Church, Cape Town. The course starts on 19 AUGUST, 8pm and runs for 3 WEEKS, and will be run via Zoom video conferencing software. Meeting details will be sent via email closer to the time. Below is a list of seminars that are available.
1. Zooming through Zephaniah. A Bible study through Zephaniah
Reading the Old Testament prophetic books can be difficult. The historical distance, cultural gaps, and theological complexity of these books can make them challenging. However, the prophets speak a timeless message - a message about God, His purposes in the world, and how we are to respond to Him. Join us as we consider how we might better profit from the prophets. In this seminar, we will consider some tips to keep in mind as we read the prophets, and we will study one prophet in particular: Zephaniah. Please Zoom in as we zoom through this powerful prophetic book.
2. Together Through the Gospel - Biblical Steps Towards Racial Harmony
This seminar celebrates our God-given unity as believers in Christ, and encourages us to apply that unifying grace in our everyday lives. Using three scriptural principles of Unity, Empathy, and Honour we aim to build a glorious church that will be a testimony of grace to those around us.
With Lex Loizides, Kelly Chibale, Leigh Berg, Lester Pillay and Grant Porthen.
3. Parenting - It’s not what you think
Steve and Anna van Rhyn will host this Equip training track where Paul Tripp, in three recorded video conference sessions, opens up the Bible to help us discover a new and better way of raising our children. Each Equip training session will involve a short welcome followed by a 45-minute video of Paul sharing his wisdom from the Bible for raising children. Thereafter, we will break out into small groups for discussion time. The sessions are entitled ‘Give up Control’, ‘Shape their Character’ and ‘Rest in God’.
4. Prayer, Bible reading and Spiritual Gifts
The age-old children’s song “Read your bible and pray every day” is becoming more and more real and alive to me as the years go by. Now, more than ever, I am convinced of my daily need for time spent with my Maker, the creator of all things who holds every little (and big) thing in the palm of His hand. But how exactly do I engage with Him; either as a young Christian who has everything to learn or as a more mature follower who realizes more and more that I (still) have so much to learn. Join us as we dig deeper into prayer, Bible reading, and the gifts of the Spirit. God (Father, Son, and Spirit) still has so much for us to see.
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