Internship Questionnaire
Please fill out this form as fully as possible. The information you give us here will help to inform us as to how you will fit into our team.
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We do all of our interviews over Skype. 1) it allows a level playing field for US and International interns. 2) Face to face is a better conversation.
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Please let us know how tall you are. This doesn't factor into our hiring process but does help us plan for project horses for you at our stables.
Please let us know how tall you are. This doesn't factor into our hiring process but does help us plan for project horses for you at our stables.
Will you require a visa? *
If you require a visa we can fill out any paperwork you provide us with in order to help you receive a visa. We do not pay the added expenses of a J-1 Visa. If you plan to come on a tourism visa you need to understand that this would be considered an unpaid visit with us covering all of your expenses through a stipend.
If you are traveling on a J-1 Visa, do you already have a sponsorship organization? *
How would you categorize your working style? *
How do you best express yourself? *
How do you work best? *
Short Bursts of Extreme Productivity
Constant Momentum
Are you more of a solo worker, or do you prefer to work in groups to accomplish tasks? *
Do you enjoy working with people or are you more focused on working with horses? *
Do you prefer freedom to explore solutions to problems or do you prefer to work with explicit instructions? *
Creative Solutions
Specific Instructions
How do you organize your space and time? *
What are your personal goals for this Wrangler position? *
Who was your favorite manager that you have worked for and what specifically about their management style worked so well for you?
How do you measure success?
How confident are you around horses? *
Nervous but Competent
In a barn of horses, do you typically have one horse that you strongly consider your favorite horse?
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What skills would you say you have significant proficiency and competency? *
Were there any items listed above that you didn't understand or that you know you need to work on? *
Please provide us with a link to videos of you riding:
Not required but we strongly consider videos and photographs of your riding when judging your suitability for this position.
Additional information about your riding skills and history?
Please explain anything and everything you have done with horses, your riding style, experience set and history, and goals for riding.
What is your highest level of education? *
What university did you attend?
What was your major in college?
How many jobs, internships or positions have you held in the past?
Have you previously worked at an official position at a stable?
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Do you understand that part of the wages provided to Wranglers is barter for housing and opportunities? *
Barter Value of housing, lessons, unlimited ride access, educational seminars and additional opportunities + $125/week stipend works out to roughly $2000 per month.
Our staff housing is a communal living apartment. Are you okay sharing your living space?
The intern apartment consists of two bedrooms each with two beds along with a kitchen and a bathroom. We usually have 2-3 interns at a time, leaving the 4th bed for overlapping interns as someone is moving out and someone is moving in.
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Do you have any questions about your living space at the farm?
Unfortunately at this time we are unable to allow wranglers to bring their own animals.
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Anything else you would like to add?
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