Science Slam Vancouver Application
Welcome to Science Slam!

Before you begin the application, let’s be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. If your application is successful, you will be competing against up to 5 other applicants for the honour of best science communicator!

Each participant will be given 5 minutes to present on a science topic without the use of a projector or slides. Props are welcome (and encouraged) but please check in with us before using anything that may compromise the safety of the audience or venue. At the end of the event each participant will receive a score from our judges, a mix of specialists in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine)-related fields and communication specialists. Presenters will be judged on their ability to communicate science in an engaging, entertaining, and concise way.

In order to be considered as a presenter for Science Slam Canada, please complete this application in its entirety. If you have any questions, email us at

Our upcoming Slam is taking place on April 24 at the Fox Cabaret.
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