INTERalliance Chapter Registration 2019-2020
Welcome to the Chapters program of the INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati!

The INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati ( partners with local businesses, universities, and high schools to promote professional and career-building skills and to encourage students to enter IT fields. This year, INTERalliance is revamping the chapters program so students learn more technical, presentation, and project management skills year-round. An INTERalliance chapter is a club affiliated with the INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati that meets at least once a month, competes in IT-related events against other local high school chapters, and participates in INTERalliance-facilitated activities.

Please help us update our records by answering all questions below. We require: Principal's name, email, and phone; faculty advisor's name, email, cell phone, and office phone; and a student Chapter President's name, email, and cell phone. Remember to send your chapter roster with each student's name, graduating class, and email to if not submitted with this form.
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