Tripura Pre-Poll Survey 2017
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Question 1. Are you satisfied with the overall political scenario of your state? *
Question 2. Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the performance of the ruling government in your state? *
Question 3. What is the prominent political issue in the upcoming Tripura Assembly Elections? *
Question 5. Would you like the present Chief Minister to resume power in your state? *
Question 6. On which front do you think the government has failed in your state? *
Question 7. Do you think the indigenous party/parties in Tripura will be voted to power? *
Question 8. Do you think the indigenous party will form an alliance with the BJP government? *
Question 9. Will you vote for the CPM over any other political party? *
Question 10. Who would you prefer as the Chief Minister from your respective state? *
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Question 11. Do you think BJP will be able to taste victory in your state in the upcoming Assembly Elections? *
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