Innov8 Mentor Information 2019-2020
Pope John Paul II High School is fortunate to be able to provide students with the opportunity to better understand the skills needed for specific careers through our Innov8 internships. Often students plan for a career based on what they believe a career to be, without having observed or explored their area of interest. In partnership with our mentors, we are able to provide students with a better understanding of their career options by placing them in experiences with highly qualified individuals. While the internships may be highly varied, most provide the following opportunities:
- Observation of the professional as they perform their daily activities.
- Discussion of the benefits and challenges of the career.
- Discussion of possible paths a student might take to pursue the career.
- In some areas, an opportunity to contribute to the professionals business or profession.

After you have completed the following form we will develop an internship description that will provide information to potential students interested in participating in a field study in your area of expertise. The students will also be completing a competitive application for your internship. You will be added as a collaborator on the application so you may select your own intern if you are interested. You will also have the option of scheduling an interview if you feel it is necessary to find the student best suited for the position.

If a student contacted you about being their mentor, you will add their name in section 4. We ask that you complete the full application so we will know more about where the student is being placed and have a record of it.

A few details about our internship program:
*** Internships are not usually paid positions.
*** Internship terms are offered 3 times per year in the fall, winter and spring for 12 weeks.
*** The timing is flexible but students are released from school on Wednesday and Friday at 2 pm most weeks.
*** Students are required to complete 20 hours for their internship term to receive credit.
*** They will record their hours using a program called x2Vol which allows you to make an electronic verification.
*** Mentors are asked to provide feedback at the end of the term through a brief survey. This is given to the intern.
*** Interns complete a reflection document which is given to the mentor.

If you have any questions please contact:
Jennifer Dye, Director
Center of Innovation
Pope John Paul II High School
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