Frisco ISD Alumni Network
Frisco ISD is excited to develop and grow our Alumni Network for Frisco ISD past and present students!
We would like to keep in touch with our alumni and have set up an 'Alumni Network' to help us do this. How would you prefer for us to keep in touch with you? Please check all that apply. *
What types of events would you be interested in participating in? *
When you think about your connection to Frisco ISD and your Alma Mater today, which aspects are important to you? *
Alumni support is crucial to the education of our current FISD students – bringing in real-world life application and expertise to the classroom. Can you help in any of the following ways? Please check all that apply: *
What is one thing about your high school experience that you still value highly and would not change? *
Looking back at your high school experience, what is one thing that you wish had been different? *
Would you be interested in being a part of the Frisco ISD Alumni Network? *
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