Petition to Begin Student-Led Sustained Dialogue (SD) Groups at _______.

I’m signing (and/or sharing) this petition to express my interest in joining a Sustained Dialogue group because:

- This campus is divided and we need a new way of interacting rather than writing each other off.
- We have a chance to build understanding across difference, not just to engage with people like us or who agree with us.
- Many students don’t have a place to share, make mistakes, and ask questions of people they respect when it comes to race, gender, ethnicity, spirituality, sexual orientation, disability, mental health, socioeconomic status, Israel-Palestine, politics, and more.
- I think our campus could be much better at “listening deeply enough to be changed by what we learn” (the definition of dialogue).

This can work because:
- Other campuses have had success engaging across difference through SD.
- SD involves training, continuous rather than one-time meetings, and is built to lead to action.
- Face-to-face SD groups aren’t effective unless they involve interest from all backgrounds, including mine.

We are seeking at least __ signatures from diverse community members. This is not a commitment to participate, but a show of interest and support for interacting through dialogue rather than arguing.

For more info or to meet other organizers, contact _____________ at ____________.

If you're interested in others getting involved, please forward the link you received for this form to interested people.

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