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As we face the COVID-19 pandemic as a community, our need for local food security becomes crystal clear. The more produce we can grow at home and in our own communities, the less we need to visit grocery stores, and the safer and more self-sufficient we can be. Many of us have also found ourselves with more free time on our hands than previously, and with an increased curiosity and motivation to grow some of our own food.

In order to make growing fresh food accessible for as many people as possible, we're shifting our focus from larger lawn conversions to smaller mini-gardens. Our volunteers will deliver a semi-customized small garden setup to you at no charge. It is your responsibility to maintain your mini-garden (though we're happy to offer advice and support if needed.)

We are particularly interested in making these available to lower income folks who would not otherwise be able to set one up on their own, and we ask that you decide for yourself whether you fit in that category or not.
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