Waste Water Pumps
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Incoming wiring is complete per NEC requirements and lugs are properly tightened.
The required NEC clearance in front of the panel (36") is available.
Incoming voltage and frequency matches the controller nameplate voltage.
Control panel is properly grounded.
All wiring between control panel and pumps is complete and lugs are properlytightened.
All floats are installed and properly wired to the control panel.
Float switches are secure in the sump and able to operate their full range of motion without obstruction.
Pumps are installed and all piping is complete.
Access hatches are in place and properly secured.
Guide rail systems are properly installed where applicable.
All discharge plumbing is complete.
Water is present in the sump.
Discharge valves are open and ready to flow water
Pump motor rotation is correct.
Running current does not exceed FLA listed in submittal data.
Both pumps start in hand
Both pumps start in auto
Both pumps build pressure and flow water
Operation is smooth and without abnormal or excessive noise
All floats operate properly in auto mode
Pumps alternate on each start in auto
High water alarm is functioning
Pump running lights illuminate while pumps are running
Pump running contacts function
General alarm contacts function
Check valves properly seal and do not allow water to flow back in to sump
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