So You Wanna be a Health Professional? RSVP
Meeting ID: 924 8820 1761
Passcode: 572525

Pre Med? Pre Dental? Nursing? Public Health or other vital health related field? RSVP to jumpstart your Pre-Health journey at UCLA!

Join a community of students with interests in improving the lives and health of people. Weekly sessions will be hosted by Faculty in Residence Dr. Michael Rodriguez, from UCLA’s Schools of Medicine and Public Health. We will share knowledge on promoting health equity, becoming health professionals, and how to connect with students and other resources at UCLA, to support your journey as future leaders in health professions.

We will meet weekly on Thursdays from 6-7PM. Here is a general schedule (may vary depending on the groups interests):

October 1st | Health and Health Equity
October 8th | What Shapes Health and Resources at UCLA
October 15th | The "Who" of Health
October 22nd | Mental Health and Self Care
October 29th | Building Relationships with Professors
November 5th | Mentorship
November 12th | Does Major Matter? & Other Misconceptions
November 19th | Action for Health Equity
December 3rd | Community Engagement, Joint Degrees, & Gap Years
December 10th | Leadership in Health

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