EBT Teaching Institute Presents: Presentation Skills Workshop
Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018
4:45-5:30 p.m. (After Nutcracker rehearsals, so stop by the BAKE SALE to buy a treat, or bring a snack!)
Open to Level 5+ Dancers (Mandatory for Petite Nutcracker Suite helpers)
Emerald Ballet Academy - Studio B, 12368 Northup Way, Bellevue, WA 98005

Welcome to Fall Semester of the EBT Teaching Institute!

Our wonderful Ms. Olivia will be teaching:
* Public speaking: how to address a large audience and the public, one-to-one
* Interacting with parents of dancers: customer service skills
* Establishing good rapport as a new teacher/leader
* Self-presentation and wordage for TI leaders to use with parents and students
* Directing and controlling a crowd

All students in Level 5 or above are welcome to attend and learn more about these valuable skills. However, students who plan on assisting at the Petite Nutcracker Suite (on Dec. 9) and Nutcracker Dress Rehearsal Performance (on Dec.1) are required to attend. Please bring your teaching notebook and a pen to take notes.

This workshop is included in the $25/semester or $45/year Teaching Institute participation fee, payable to EBT. You may also pay $15 for this session only. If you would like to register for Fall semester or annual fee, please stop by the office and we will be happy to help you!

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