Irregardless Cafe's Thanksgiving Turkey Takeout Form

Fill out this form to provide us with details for your Thanksgiving turkey takeout. We will follow up with a call to finalize your order. During the call, we will ask for your credit card number and any additional details to put the meal on hold for you. You will not be charged until the day of pickup.

Each meal costs $145 and comes with these standard sides listed here - each side is enough to feed 6-8 people. If you need substitutions or additions made, please add that to the Notes box at the end of the form and we will address that when we call you.

* Gravy [GF]
* Orange Cranberry Relish [V, Vg, GF, Dairy Free]
* Rolls [Vg, contains honey]
* 1 Tray of Pineapple Sage Stuffing
* 1 Tray of Green Beans [V, Vg, GF]
* 1 Tray of Sweet mashed potatoes [Vg, GF]
* 1 Tray of White mashed potatoes [Vg, GF]

Orders MUST be placed by 5pm November 25 and pickup will be on Thanksgiving Day, November 28.
If you need to cancel your order, you MUST email BEFORE November 25, 2019.

Email if you have any issues with this form.
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Email Address (please provide one that you actively use so that we can send a confirmation email and any updates to your order) *
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Phone Number (we will use this to take your credit card # in order to finalize your order). *
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How many whole Turkey Takeout Meals would you like to order? Each meal comes with a turkey and all standard sides (see above), serves 6-8 people and costs $145. *
Would you like your turkey whole or sliced? *
Dessert Option (1 per meal). If you're ordering more than 1 pie, please add it to the "Notes" section at the bottom *
Would you like to order any vegan/vegetarian entrees in addition to your meal? Each entree costs $22 and comes with its own sides. *
Are you interested in ordering a bottle of wine with your meal? (We have a Red and White pairing) for $25 each *
Choose 2 times that you can pick up the meal on Thanksgiving Day, Nov 28
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