K-5th grade CLIP: Prospective Parent Information Meeting and School Tour for the 2019-20 School Year 2019-20學年CLIP K-5th參觀說明會報名表
CLIP - Cupertino Language Immersion Program
Link: https://www.cusdclipco.org/registration_info.html

* Parents who currently have a student enrolled in CLIP K-8 and wish to enroll a sibling do not need to attend a tour but they must bring verification of registration/enrollment to the Meyerholz school office in order to participate in lottery.
* CUSD Employees wishing to enroll their student must attend a tour and must work with the Student Assignment Office in order to participate in the lottery.
* New students, please complete the District's "new student registration process" to be assigned a "CUSD Student Permanent ID". More registration information can be found at: https://www.cusdk8.org/Page/6994
* Before filling out this K-5th CLIP: Prospective Parent Information Meeting and School Tour form, please have your child's "CUSD Student Permanent ID" ready.
* All CLIP tours start promptly at 8:45 a.m. and last until 10:30 a.m. Please be prepared to attend ENTIRE meeting/tour.
* If you are late to the meeting or leave early, you will not receive credit for attending the meeting/tour.
* The information meeting/tour will be conducted in English.
* Please provide a valid email address. You will receive an email with a confirmation number and additional instructions.
* Information meetings/tours are for parents only, please. No childcare will be provided.
* If you do not receive an email confirming your selected tour date, please choose another browser such as Chrome or Firefox. If you have questions please, email Wanyi Wu at wu_wan-yi@cusdk8.org.

* All fields are required.

* 如果您有子女現正就讀於CLIP,您不需要參加此說明會但請務必拿註冊單到麥氏小學辦公室完成手續才能夠抽籤。
* CUSD 僱員如對CLIP有興趣,需要參加此說明會而且必需到學區辦公室註冊組去表明要參加抽籤。
* 新生請完成新生報到手續。新生報到手續的資料可在此網站查詢訊息 https://www.cusdk8.org/Page/6994
* 在填此表前,請先準備好學生號碼
* 新學生的家長必須先到庫市聯合學區辦公室去完成註冊手續並取得學生號碼,詳細手續請參考CUSD學區網頁 https://www.cusdk8.org/Page/6994 * 現就讀於CUSD學區的學生,請用CUSD的學生號碼
* 參觀說明會是從早上8:45 到10:30,必須全程參與CLIP 參觀說明會
* 任何遲到或早退將使您喪失抽籤資格
* CLIP 參觀說明會將只用英語說明
* 請提供有效的電郵地址,我們將會送一封內含認證號碼及注意事項的確認電郵給您
* CLIP 參觀說明會只允許成年人入場,現場不提供幼兒照顧
* 有任何變更,我們也會用電郵與您聯繫
* 您將會在送出此表格後,五分鐘之內, 收到一封確認電郵,如果您沒收到請更換其他瀏覽器再試一次。如果仍有問題,請電郵至 wu_wan-yi@cusdk8.org查詢.

* 以下的所有問題均須填寫

Email address 電郵地址 *
Please enter a valid email address which will be used for communication regarding the CLIP tour. 有效的電郵地址
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Please re-enter your email address to confirm. 再輸入一次和上面相同的電郵地址
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Phone Number 聯絡電話 *
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Please enter your student's "CUSD Student Permanent ID" 學生號碼 *
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Student's First Name 學生名字 *
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Student's Last Name 學生姓氏 *
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Grade level your student will be entering in the 2019-20 School Year. 2019-20學年將就讀的年級 *
Parent's First Name 家長名字 *
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Parent's Last Name 家長姓氏 *
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Number of Adults Attending the Tour 預計參加家長人數 *
This helps us to determine the proper number of chairs for the event. 請告訴我們預計參加人數,以便於我們準備座位
Tour Date Choice 選擇說明會日期 *
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