COVID-19 Ex-Worker Questionnaire
The Strike Hotline wants to connect with people who are out of work and are feel like they have no options for gaining control over their ability to meet their needs and provide for their loved ones.
Email address *
What city do you live in? *
Did you have a job before the pandemic hit? *
If so, what kind of work were you in and what was your position? *
Do you believe that more is politically and socially possible now than before the coronavirus pandemic? *
What do you hope for coming out of the pandemic?
Are you looking for work?
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Are you worried about not being able to pay your rent or mortgage during a strike? If so, would you like to connect with local groups fighting for housing for all? *
Do you know other people who are out of work? *
If so, have you found ways of materially supporting each other through the pandemic? What have you been helping each other?
Do you worry about increasing your exposure to COVID-19 if you find a job? *
Are you doing any volunteer work or are you a part of any mutual aid groups? If not, are you interested in connecting with such groups organizing to help people meet their needs during the pandemic?
Have you heard of any groups like the Unemployed Councils or The Restaurant Workers' Council (in NYC) to organize and increase the power of unemployed workers during the pandemic and beyond? *
Have you considered ways of putting control over the resources and goods available at shuttered workplaces in the hands of your community? If so, what are your thoughts? *
Have you thought about ways of joining forces with people who are still employed to mutually increase your power over the role of the market in deciding how well you live? If so, what are your thoughts? *
Does your immigration status present obstacles to receiving government aid?
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Have you heard reports of managers calling the cops on people walking off and protesting at their workplaces?
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Do you have friends or family members who are employed and worried about COVID-19 exposure at work?
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Can you imagine a world in which the five demands have been met? What does that look like to you?
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