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Thanks for taking the time to fill out our sign up form. This greatly helps us organize our CSA program. Please scroll down this box and be sure to select the box for the CSA shares you would like to sign up for in the appropriate drop location section (at the Farm or at the Camas Farmers' Market).

The sign up deadline is 2 weeks before the CSA begins, however, we only have a certain amount of CSA shares available (13 shares for Camas market and 27 shares at the farm) so if you want to make sure you have a spot, don't wait too long. Your sign up will be official when we receive your payment.

Be sure to read all the options.

For any additional information please visit our CSA webpage or contact us by e-mail or phone (text or call).

Thanks for your time and support.

Yacolt Mountain Farm and Nursery, LLC
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Pre-season csa Farm store pick up
Our pre-season pick up days will be at the farm on Fridays from 430pm to 630pm, starting with 3 bi-weekly pick ups (just about half our members will have their first pick up March 27th 4 weekly pick ups May 8th, May 15th, May 22nd and May 29thMarch 23th, while the other half will start April 3rd, through April 24th or May 1st [this allows us to start a gradual harvest in the early spring]), continued by 4 weekly pick ups May 8th, May 15th, May 22nd and May 29th.
Farm store pick up CSA MAIN SEASON
Please check the boxes for the CSA you would like to sign up for (large share, small share, Tuesday or Friday, Bi-weekly). Pick-up options are Tuesdays or Fridays from 430pm to 630pm at our farm store. Main season is 22 weeks and starts Tuesday June 2th to October 27th or Friday June 5th to October 30th. Please note that you need to pick up on the weekday that you sign up for or inquire a day change with us (this is important for us to keep things organized).
Camas pick up CSA
Please check the boxes for the CSA you would like to sign up for (large share, small share). Pick-up will be Wednesdays 3-7pm at the Camas Farmer's Market starting the first week of the market and ending on the last week of the market. The Camas farmer's market has not posted their dates yet but we are assuming it will be Wednesdays June 3rd through September 30th. The last pick up during the last market will include a bonus package of winter storage crops. In the case of market cancellation pick up will be at the farm or gradually added to the following weeks pick-ups.
The amount of CSA shares is limited and a full payment of the CSA share will reserve you spot
Please send a check to 20217 NE Yacolt Mountain Rd, Yacolt, Wa 98675. If you have any questions about payments or would like to ask for smaller monthly payments options, please feel free to ask here. We are open to work out a payment schedule
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Do you have any special requests? Are there specific vegetables you love and would like to see in the box?
We do not guarantee special request, but we do our best! Please list any veggies you would love to see in your box here
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Are there any veggies you or your family really do not like?
Please list those veggies you would rather not see in your box here. Please understand that we cannot cater to excessively picky eaters :o)!
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Any other questions or concerns?
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We are working out some logistics with the owner of a potentially new CSA drop location in Brush Prairie but before we go forwards with it we have to know that at least 5 CSA members are interested in picking up there, please check this box if you are interested and we will contact you with further details.
2020 CSA Shareholder agreement *
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