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This quiz aims to know your satisfaction and dissatisfaction. It will allow to our company to improve the quality of its service..
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1. Are you:
2. Are you:
3. You belong from which age group?
4. Where are you located ?
5. Are you interested in gemstones ?
6. Have you ever bought gemstones ?
7. For what reason(s) you buy gemstones ?
8. How often do you buy gemstones ?
9. Do you know Dashrath International ?
10. If yes, How did know this company ?
11. Have you ever bought gemstone from this company earlier?
12. Are you satisfied with your product ?
13. If not, what's going wrong?
14. Do you have a monthly gemstones purchase budget ?
15. if yes, how much and what stones you need regularly?
16. How do you describe the Dashrath International service ?
17. Is there something, we can do for you, to improve in our Company ?
18. If yes, please let us know?
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