Comparisons of subjective quality
 Thank you for joining this survey.

 If you are using iMac, MacBook Pro/Air introduced in 2018 to 2020, you can participate in this research.

 You will watch 5 short contents with 2 different qualities; 10 videos in total. (video only, no sound). All of the contents are approx. 10 - 20 seconds long and mainly about night or nature scene. You can view each sequence as many as you want.

 After comparing the pair of videos, please evaluate the visual quality of Type A referring Type B. You can answer each question as; Type A is "worse" or "better" than B.

 You have to score the sequences of one clip before to assess the next clip. After evaluating the last sequence of the final clip, press "submit" to complete the whole session.

 If you have any specific reason for your evaluation, please, leave a comment.

 When you have any question or feedback, let me know.
 Thank you for your participation.

Take Watanabe
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