First Parish in Lincoln - Religious Exploration Registration
Parent Permission Agreement

At First Parish in Lincoln our children are a vital part of our church community. Our goal is to provide a supportive environment where our children and youth have a sense of belonging and can begin to ask and ponder life's spiritual and moral questions. The religious education program supports this goal through dynamic curriculum taught by volunteers from our congregation with support from our Religious Education Coordinator.

The religious education program is a shared ministry of the First Parish in Lincoln and invites parents and members to actively engage with our children and youth thereby expanding the learning and spiritual growth of all involved.

First Parish in Lincoln has a Safe Church Policy adopted in early 2016 which we require everyone participating in Church programs to abide by. It can be found here:

By registering your child(ren) for the religious education program at First Parish in Lincoln, you consent to the following agreement:

• I Agree to be present at First Parish in Lincoln (Parish House or Sanctuary) while my child(ren), are attending RE classes, unless special arrangements have been made with RE Director in advance.
• I Agree to leave my cell phone on vibrate in the event I need to be contacted by a nursery provider or teacher.
• I understand that our religious education program is a cooperative program and depends on volunteers for its success.

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