Team Happen Makers!
Do you feel stuck?

Like your life is running YOU and YOU are not running YOUR LIFE?

The girl below is who I was a year ago. A year ago, I struggled with my self esteem, shame and binge/restriction cycle. I had long been "recovered" from an eating disorder but struggled still to maintain my weight with healthy eating. I was on a quest to find balance and sustainable living, without feeling deprived. I knew this was about HABITS. Not about losing the most weight in the shortest amount of time. However, let's be REAL...I DID want to lose weight.

I knew I needed accountability. I signed up as a coach to help others, but mostly to help myself. It was TOUGH! started with home-workouts first and developed just the habit of showing up. I learned to use time management to build in the time and make it a priority every single day. I used what I learned in habit building to start a nutrition was all about building daily health habits into my nutrition regimen. No crash diets, but intentionally setting myself up for success. It took trial and error, forgiveness, intention, and ACCOUNTABILITY.

Fast Forward to today...I have lost 15 pounds...not overnight, built sustainable habits to work out 5 days a week, and continued on a mindset journey to gain confidence. I also have helped over a dozen women do the same. These habits were built utilizing online support, fitness and nutrition tools and team trainings. All the while, I was helping women just like you do the same.

That is why I created Team Happen Makers: a team of women just like you, building their health habits while helping others. It is all about learning to show up for ourselves, build in time, and sustain lifelong habits. Additionally, this creates confidence, happiness and purpose while we are helping others in their journey. Pay it forward, am I right?!

Your journey becomes so powerful when you are helping others, you CAN'T stop showing up.

You can continue to feel stuck, or you can push past it by becoming part of TEAM HAPPEN MAKER!

You will learn:
-How to push past your difficulties.
-How to sustain that health habit (finally)
-How to construct a business for extra cash
-How to transform others lives
-How to transform YOUR life!

My life changed so much through my journey! You will transform through this process.

It's amazing what a new habit will do for you!
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