Application Form for Small Business Relief Grants and Services (SBRGS)
Small Business Bureau - Ministry of Business
1. Client Contact Information
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Permanent Address *
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Email Address *
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2. Business Information
Name of Business/ Trading Name *
Date Business Registered *
Period of Operation *
Type of Business *
Type of Products and Services *
Business Address *
Business Telephone Number(s) *
Number of Employees *
Average Number of Customers *
Average Monthly Income *
Average Monthly Expenses *
Current Business Status *
3. Impact on Business
Briefly state 3-5 major areas of impact below *
4. Business Relief Required
Relief Grant Required *
Amount Required *
Purpose of Relief Grant *
Training Required *
Type of Training Required *
Support in Diversifying Business and Areas   *
If yes, state support needed in Diversifying Business and Areas . *
Advertising/ Establishing Business Online *
5. Business Relief Support Received
COVID-19 business relief support received from other agencies
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If yes, briefly state type(s) of business relief support received
Briefly state the name(s) of the other agency or agencies
6. SBB Client Status
Registered Client of SBB *
Date of Registration *
NIS Compliance *
GRA Compliance *
Past Recipient of SBB Support *
Type(s) of Support Received and when
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