NanoSafety Database Survey
This survey is part of the work undertaken by the EU NanoSafety Cluster to aggregate information about NanoSafety related databases (relational database, spreadsheet, other formats) in Europe and across the world.

Most questions are optional, and it is not a problem if you provide only limited information: we value all input we get! So, please feel free to skip questions and focus on the questions you find important. Link to EU NanoSafety Cluster Working Group on Databases:
Survey Data Availability *
Under what conditions are you providing this data. Confidential information will not be shared; however, we may use the database name and website to find details ourselves. Confidential information can be submitted separately, please contact Axel P. Mustad of NQCG (Task lead EU NSC WG4 Task 1) via email for further instructions regarding IPR aspects in these regards.
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This is the name of whom fills out the survey, and not the contact to the database.
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If we can approach you for further questions, please leave your email address here.
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