Feedback on DCRC Services
The Department of Civil Registration is pleased to bring this feedback platform for our general service users. This is being initiated to ensure professional service delivery and to strive toward meeting the expectations of the general citizens of the country.

The DCRC anticipates your candid feedback.
***š’€š’š’–š’“ š’†š’Žš’‚š’Šš’ š’‚š’…š’…š’“š’†š’”š’” š’‚š’š’… š’Žš’š’ƒš’Šš’š’† š’š’–š’Žš’ƒš’†š’“ š’˜š’Šš’š’ š’ƒš’† š’–š’”š’†š’… š’š’š’š’š š’‡š’š’“ š’‘š’†š’“š’”š’š’š’‚š’ š’„š’š’š’•š’‚š’„š’• š’˜š’Šš’•š’‰ š’šš’š’– š’Šš’‡ š’“š’†š’’š’–š’Šš’“š’†š’…**

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