New Groups (Needs Analysis)
If you are considering using VocalEyes, please complete the following Needs Analysis survey so we can make the appropriate response and recommendations…
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Who are you looking to engage?
How many stakeholders are in your organisation
How many people do you hope to engage in year 1?
What effective methods do you have for engaging your stakeholders?
What do you hope to achieve from using VocalEyes?
Setting up a "Community Organising Group" is essential for our democratic and community organising process to work effectively within your organisation. Can your group designate people to form this group?
Is there a commitment from your group to adopt a culture of open, democratic and transparent communication with your stakeholders?
Will your group be able to organise a face to face engagement session with your stakeholders?
If so, please tell us a little about these events.
How many face to face engagement sessions do you expect to run in year 1? Where is the venue likely to be? Will there be good wifi? When do you expect the events to take place?
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Do you have a budget?
If possible, please give us some indication of your budget for this work.
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VocalEyes is a "Platform Cooperative". Are you able to provide software development capacity to help improve the system.
The platform is based on PHP, Yii Framework, JaveScript & JAVA
If yes to the above, how many people and how much time commitment do you anticipate being put into this collaboration.
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Are there other opportunities to collaborate with you?
i.e. gain a strong case study in your sector. Your group to become an advocate for the process etc.
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What time scales are you working to & do you have any targets in mind?
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When would be a good time to discuss this further?
Please suggest suitable times / dates.
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