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Welcome to Movement Designed to Feel Good!

Movement Designed to Feel Good was founded with the goal of helping all movers celebrate the body they already have while building self compassion through positive psychology, inquiry, and community. We offer in person and virtual private training and group sessions as well as teacher certifications.

Please only answer the questions you are comfortable sharing. If you have any questions or need examples for questions asked, please reach out 
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Which  modalities do you currently teach or services do you offer?
Are there any modalities or services above that you do not yet teach but might be interested in learning how to facilitate?
When are you most energized and available for teaching or providing your service? 
Please select the time frame that most accurately represents your teaching or service experience
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What regular systems do you have in place to share your offerings and grow your student base?
When you think back to some of your best employer/employee experiences, dynamics, and work culture environment: what qualities or attributes were present that allowed you to feel supported? What are some elements of a work environment that are most important to you?
What brought you to teaching in the fitness or wellness industry?
All humans are different and come to their workout with different ways that they learn best and feel good in their bodies. What do you practice as a teacher or wellness practitioner to account for a wide array of learning types and bodies in your environment?
How do you make your students/clients feel known, safe, and supported in their time with you?
If I regularly attended your classes or services, what would you hope I would learn or develop over time?
If you could change one practice in the fitness or wellness industry, what would it be?
What elements of your professional life are you most proud of right now?
When going through your certification, what was one area that you found most challenging? How did you navigate this?
At MDTFG, we give each other feedback and process how to improve our offerings as a team. How do you best like to receive feedback?
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At MDTFG, we hope to continue to not only facilitate growth and development in our students-We want that for ourselves as well. If you worked for MDTFG, what is one thing we could do to support your continued growth as a human or professional?
What goals or hopes do you have for your professional future ?
Please share your preferred teaching hourly rate
Please list 2 references from past employers or current employers who you are comfortable with me contacting. Please include their name, contact info, and where you worked with them. 
Anything else you'd like to share?
Thank you for your interest in joining the MDTFG team
Lots of love,
Charlotte and the MDTFG Team!
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