For this assignment, you need to form a group.
1. A group consists of 3-4 students (shall not be less or more). Please take note that you will stay in this group until the end of the semester.
2. Students from different WGTIK classes (for example IF-39-GAB01 and IF-39-GAB02) are allowed to be in the same group.
3. The assignment score will be the same for students in the same group..

Write down an essay by following these steps.
1. Find information about current state of higher education in Indonesia and pick 2-4 problems which exist
2. Give a measurable and implementative solution for problems in point (1).

1. You should write down group members' identity (NIM, Name, Class) on the form below
2. You should write down your answer on the form below
3. You need to make sure that your answer for question 1 and 2 is 400-700 words in total. If the essay doesn't meet the requirement, the maximum score is 80 instead of 100.
4. Plagiarism is strongly prohibited. Failure to comply with it means score = 0.

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