Light Up Hope Board Member Application
We will be interviewing new board members in November and December 2020. You are welcome to apply now and we will be in touch with about interviews in the fall.

Thanks for your interest in applying to serve on the Board of Directors of Light Up Hope. Light Up Hope exists to to provide healing orphan care and light a path out of poverty for orphans and impoverished children and young adults. It is our vision to find creative solutions to offer a continuum of emotional, spiritual, physical and educational care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) in Kenya. Emotional and spiritual care includes mentorship, counseling, professional guidance and life skills education. Physical support includes but is not limited to; residential care, foster care, family care environments, as well as adult transitional support. Educational care includes sponsorship for primary, secondary, university and vocational education.
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Applicants need to reside in the US. If you live outside of Colorado you will need to be available 7-9 pm mountain time for our monthly board meeting. In which state do you reside? *
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