Troop Disbanding Form
We are sorry to see you go. Please complete all of the questions below and submit this form with all required paperwork. If you have any questions or need any assistance please contact Customer Care.
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All money currently held in the troop bank account is to be transferred with the girls to their new troops (if applicable). If there are no girls being transferred to another troop the extra money must be transferred to the Service Unit.

You are required to submit a final bank statement and financial spreadsheet at the time of disbanding.
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All troop supplies, records, craft supplies, flags, badges, books, etc must be turned over to your Service Unit Manager or to the Council office.
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By completing the section below you agree that all information entered above is accurate to the best of your knowledge and understand that your troop will be listed as inactive in the system and that all parents remaining in the troop will be contacted with options to transfer to other troops.
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