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Your background and research interests (and especially how they relate to the IWONE conference). If this is the first time you participate in IWONE, please also give some details about why you would like to attend the conference and how you did hear about IWONE 2019 (e.g. through what conference database, personal invitation etc.).
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Accommodation preferred *
Prices are given per night. (In-house single, twin and 4-bed room accommodation will mainly be reserved for participants giving presentations.) If you choose to arrange your own accommodation outside the conference area, then select "Other accommodation".
(The nights you need accommodation, if you stay in-house at the conference area.)
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Travel contact info
E.g. mobile phone (or other contact info) where we can reach you the days just before the conference, e.g. to arrange pickup.
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Special needs / Questions / Other Comments
E.g. diet.
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Topic discussion interests - Focus groups
Groups discussing and working with a particular focus in which I would like to participate at IWONE 2019
Topic discussions interests - Suggestions
Questions within the focus areas that I would like to discuss at the topic discussion sessions at IWONE 2019, or focus groups I would like to suggest and participate in.
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The following section concerns details about presentations / papers. Please fill in the details below if you have selected "Yes" above, i.e if you wish to give a presentation or submit a poster paper.
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Enter abstract here or submit by email. (50-200 words, detailing main focus of presentation and main results.)
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Focus area for the presentation
Please fill in what area(s) your presentation covers. Focus areas for IWONE 2019 are: Alternative water treatment, Indirect effects on plants and soil & Alternative climate influencing - with focus on restoring ecosystems and healing nature. We will reserve the time for presentations for papers within the focus areas, but may accept interesting papers that are clearly within the other areas as poster presentations. Papers may also be accepted as poster presentations if you cannot attend in person.
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Special requirements / Other comments on presentation
e.g. equipment
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