DUST2 Club Road Rides
As we start club road rides for the season, we are looking for input on which days work best for people as well as recruiting ride leaders. Thank you for your response!
Which days work for you to go on Club Road Rides? Check all that apply. (Club mountain bike rides are currently scheduled for Tuesdays)
If you are available and interested in weekend rides, which start times work best for you? Check all that apply.
We would love to have more ride leaders to take charge of these rides. Being a ride leader is not as intimidating as it sounds. It mainly entails choosing a route and communicating general guidelines to riders. We are happy to provide support for anyone who is interested in being a ride leader but is unsure about what to do. If you are interested, please enter your name and either an email or phone number below so that we can get in touch with you.
Until last year, DUST2 was solely focused on the youth team and trail development/maintenance. As we add road biking and club membership to our organization, we have some ideas about projects and advocacy for road biking, but are always looking for more input from membership. What are some ideas you have around the work you would like to see DUST2 do to support road biking in our community?
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