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We are putting together a game accelerator in partnership with Elevate Youth. Its a simple process. We want to help increase the number of locally developed games. Now the challenges in doing this are many, Devs do not have the machines that they need to actually build the games, they do not have internet access and cannot afford the developer licenses. Over and above that, most do not have the know how in terms of successfully launching a game, nor do they have the advertising and marketing budgets to really push the games out there. They fail to monetize their games because 1. They cannot use things like PayPal and google pay because Zimbabweans don't use those and companies like Ecocash aren't too keen on giving out their API's and such.

So in response to that, we have partnered with an organization that is all about empowering the youth in designing this accelerator. Elevate Youth is looking to acquire 5 locally developed games. Developers will have one month ( the month of July) to design and build a game which they will then submit for judging by The TechVillage. They will then acquire the top 5 games, and the developers will get $1 500.00 as a cash prize and then spend the next two months ( August and September) working with mentors and senior executives to launch the games onto the market. This includes working to integrate services like Ecocash for in game purchases and the like.

Our goal here is to try and get developers to understand this entire process which is why we are encouraging those who apply to build relatively simple games. In any case, most of the highly successful mass market games are actually very very simple. The developers will then get access to a lot of resources and be able to apply what they learn plus those resources to whatever other game that they might want to build thereafter.

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