Mesa College Humanities Institute
Grant Application for the 2019 - 2020 school year
The Humanities Institute Grant Application
Here you may submit a proposal for projects/guest speakers/events that meet the overall objectives of the Humanities Institute. Grant applications will be reviewed second week of May, 2019. Grantees will be notified the last week of May. (Consider generating your responses in a word document first, then copy and paste them into the areas provided.)

Mission statement:

The Mesa College Humanities Institute serves as an internal vehicle for cultural, interdisciplinary, and Mesa College community priorities. All institute activities are intended to increase student engagement, recruitment, and retention.

Areas of support include:

Cultural Enrichment - Concerts plays, Interaction with professional artist, Lectures seminars
Curriculum Enhancement - Resource Development, Master Classes, “Informances”
Staff Development - New Directions in the Arts, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, and multicultural education
Outreach/partnerships - K through 12 Activities, Regional Center, Arts Organization/Partnerships


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4. List the total amount of funding NEEDED for the proposed event. *
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5. List the amount you are requesting from The Humanities Institute. (The average funding amount per event ranges from $150 - $350. Larger amounts are awarded to long-standing committees or programs that sponsor multiple events.) *
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6. Are you requesting funding from any alternate sources? If so, how much? *
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7. Clearly describe your event in no more than 4 to 5 sentences. *
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8. Please explain how your proposal specifically relates to the Humanities Institute mission statement and outcomes. (3 - 5 sentences) *
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9. How does your proposed event promote equity through the humanities? (3 - 5 sentences) *
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10. The Humanities Institute funds events that impact the broadest audiences possible. Describe the impact of your proposal on students/staff within your classroom and across campus in other disciplines. (4 - 5 sentences) *
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Thank you for submitting your online proposal for funding through the Humanities Institute for the 2019 - 2020 school year. If your proposal is funded, you will be contacted by the Humanities Institute.
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