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You will call many women MLAs in your state to ask them to talk to their parties to give more tickets to women in 2019 Lok Sabha election. Please enter the state where you can call women MLAs & we can send you details of women MLA nams, numbers & sample call script in your language.

Note: Everyone across India will be calling all women MLAs on Jan 21, Monday 7 PM - 9.30 PM only MALE MLAs ate NOT to be called.

Role and tasks:

1. Receive list of women MLA names & contact numbers in your state
2. Keep the list ready on Jan 21, Monday evening 7 PM
3. Set aside 20 minutes.
4. Receive the sample call script in your language - it will tell you what to say
5. Call as many WOMEN MLAs as possible.
6. Ask them to tell their parties to give 50% MP tickets to women for 2019 Lok Sabha
7. Note down the name of women MLAs called & their answer Yes/No.
8. Send SMS or Whatsapp to +91 9341941945 with these answers

This is a campaign by Shakti, a nonpartisan collective of people interested in increasing women in power. If you want to be a part of it:
- Please join the Facebook group
- Follow us on and
- Website:
- Email:

Thank you for volunteering for the Shakti - Call Women MLAs Campaign. It is your efforts that will change India!
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