SCWGFL Club Application Form

Please use this form for all applications for season 2017-2018.


As the heading says please read carefully before completing this form. Taking time to go through the form before starting to insert details while save more time in the long run and ensure smooth processing of your application.

When stating your Clubs name, please make sure that this is the same as that registered with your relevant County Football Association.

If you are a new Club entering the League, you will be required to send an entry fee of £25 per team to the Competition Secretary immediately after submitting the form. Cheques are to be made payable to the “Sussex County Women & Girls Football League" (online bank payments are also accepted). If payment is not received within 14 (fourteen) days of submitting the form, it will be assumed that your Club does not wish to join the League. New Clubs will be invoiced for the Annual Subscription Fee(s) and Club Deposit (£100) after the AGM.

If you are an existing Club entering a new team (a new team means a completely different team from those that played in Season 2016-2017 and not a team moving up an age group), an entry fee per team will be added to your invoice (entry fee to be confirmed at the 2017 AGM). If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I would like to remind you that once this form has been returned to the Competition Secretary and then the Club having made changes to their personnel; the Competition and County Football Association must be informed ASAP. However I do appreciate for various reasons you may have stated a different Girls Secretary as that to your County Association so there may not be a need to inform them. Again, if unsure please contact me.

Teams will automatically be entered into the relevant League Challenge Cup Competitions, hence why there is no section inserted for these Cups - if you do not wish to take part in the League Cup competitions then please let me know. Expected Cup Final dates for 2017-2018 are: 22nd April (Girls 11v11), 27th April (Open Age 11v11) and 13th May (7v7 and 9v9).

For FA and County FA Competitions, there are sections for these - please indicate if you are entering a County Cup competition outside of Sussex (if eligible to do so). If you are entering these Competitions please complete details. Note: by ticking the yes box it does not mean the club has been entered, the club will still need to do this via the FA or County Affiliation Forms that has been/or will be sent to you and/or via the Whole Game system.

As stated from season 2015-2016, Clubs entering County Cup competitions outside of their home county will not be given precedence to play these fixtures ahead of any SCWGFL match.

You can find details of the current Competition Rules on our website: via the 2016-2017 page.

Charter Standard League status - At the time of publishing, the Womens League is a Charter Standard League and the Girls League will be applying for Charter Standard League status. What this means for Clubs is that it will expect all Clubs within two seasons to be Charter Standard themselves to be able to participate in the League.

Addresses and Telephone Numbers - Only email addresses and emergency numbers will be published on the Competition website for season 2017-2018 and within the Competition Handbook. Therefore any address or telephone number supplied will be used internally by the Management Committee only.

Finally and most importantly, the Competition is an active participant in the FA Respect programme and therefore require everyone within the Club (officials, managers, spectators and players) to be aware of their roles and responsibilities in the programme. Guides to assist you with this are available here:

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further assistance.

Paul Preston
Competition Secretary