RoyaleAPI Real-Time Overlays
Real-time overlays with auto battle refresh are now available. These overlays automatically refresh to the latest battles played as soon as they are completed. As it uses an advanced capability provided to us by Supercell, you will need to apply for access such that it won’t be abused.

We are now accepting applications from competitive leagues, content creators and individual streamers who wish to provide advanced real-time battle and matchup stats to their viewers.

Discord is our primary method of contact. We will notify you on the server if you have been selected. Please join  our RoyaleAPI Pro Discord server if you haven’t already:
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Overlay with Auto Refresh
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Overlay Examples
Our overlays are currently localized in English, Spanish and Japanese. Additional language options are available upon requests. We can also provide additional customizations, such as adding logos for your leagues, teams, etc. You may discuss those details with us once you have been approved.
Overlay Example: 1v1
Overlay Example: 2v2
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