Pi Alpha Phi Volunteer Application
Developing a lifelong brotherhood of leaders is a key part of the fraternity’s vision. One way you can contribute to this vision is by filling a volunteer role within Pi Alpha Phi. The Fraternity offers a variety of opportunities, and there are roles for you no matter your age, location or level of time commitment.

Use this form to tell us a little about yourself and what volunteer roles you are interested in.
There are a variety of positions and projects available; there are positions such as chapter advisors and website designers to projects needing an hour here or there. We ask everyone to complete this application so that we can contact you and have a conversation to find the best fit.
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How many hours per month can you devote to Fraternity work?
Describe the type of work/team environment that gives you energy. *
What is the area of focus you are interested in working with?
Working with students? other alumni? national leadership?
Describe what is most important to you about your experience as a member of Pi Alpha Phi. How would you apply that experience to your volunteer role? *
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