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1. Translate into English: Me gusta mi colegio porque los profesores son muy simpáticos *
1 point
2. Translate into English: No me gusta mi escuela primaria dado que hay demasiadas normas *
1 point
3. Translate into English: Prefiero mi bachillerato porque el edificio es muy moderno *
1 point
4. Translate into English: Soy fan de mi colegio puesto que tengo muchos amigos *
1 point
5. Translate into English: Odio mi colegio porque los clases son muy monótonos *
1 point
6. Translate into Spanish: I don't like my sixth-form because the building is very ugly *
1 point
7. Translate into Spanish: I can't stand my school because there are too may rules *
0 points
8. Translate into Spanish: I really like my sixth-form because there is lots to do *
1 point
9. Translate into Spanish: I love my primary school because there are lots of things to do *
1 point
10: Translate into Spanish: I don't like my school because the teachers are too strict *
1 point
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