UUHHS Bylaw Change
This ballot seeks your approval for a merger between UUHHS and UU Collegium. Because Collegium is not legally incorporated, the merger will take place through a renaming of UUHHS as "Unitarian Universalist Studies Network" and the replacement of the current UUHHS bylaws in total with new bylaws that have been negotiated by the two organizations. You should have already received both the old and new bylaws; if not, please email dmckanan@hds.harvard.edu . Balloting will close at 4:15 pm ET on August 14, 2021 (i.e., just after the beginning of the annual membership meeting).
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What is your name? (Note: This is not a secret ballot. We are asking your name in order to confirm that only UUHHS members participate in the vote. Unless someone requests a recount, only the secretary of the UUHHS will see how you voted.) *
Do you approve the change of name from Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage Society to Unitarian Universalist Studies Network?
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Do you approve the new bylaws, as negotiated by the current leadership of UUHHS and UU Collegium?
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