Marcon 54 Ribbon Order Form
Marcon fan ribbons can be ordered through Marcon for each year. Ordering through Marcon helps save you money, because any discounts that Marcon receives are passed on to you. All ribbon orders are due by March 15, and need to be paid prior to the ribbons being ordered, in order to be available at the convention.

1) Fill out this form. The form must be filled out once for each type of ribbon requested. This includes any ribbons with different wording, or ribbons with the same wording, and different color combinations.
2) We will submit the proposed order to the printer in late March, to determine all discounts that we will receive. When these discounts are determined, you will be invoiced for the exact amount of your order.
3) The order must be paid for in advance in full, or it will not be placed.
4) Marcon will place the order and have the ribbons ready on Friday at the convention.

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