7th Grade Accelerated Math Test Sign Up
The test should only take an hour but 2 hours are permitted.

This test will be offered both in-person at Orem Junior as well as proctored online through a google meet link.
-In person testing will be socially distanced with masks in our Media Center from 3:30-5:30
-Online testing will be set up either on a Wednesday during the school day or after school. If you choose this option, you will get an email and need to follow up to pick a time that works for your student and our test proctor. If you choose the online testing option - please be sure to have a computer at home to test on. The school cannot provide home computers for this placement test.

Scratch paper and pencil(s) are allowed on the test, but calculators and help are not allowed.

*Email follow-ups are not automatic, so please be patient in hearing back from me once you have filled out this form. Thanks!
If you have questions please email me anytime: krysanchez@alpinedistrict.org
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